ASB Financing

Disclaimer: Please use this calculator as a guide only. All interest or profit rates, amounts, and terms are for reference only and not necessarily applicable to your personal credit profile. does not guarantee its accuracy or applicability to your circumstances.

How ASB works:

  1. You borrow a sum of amount from bank (Financing plan) to be managed by ASNB.
  2. You repay the bank borrowings with certain amount on monthly basis, at certain interest rate (Repayment interest, check list of agents below).
  3. The amount borrowed will be invested by ASNB and they will give you a certain percentage of returns every year (Assumed return rate) over a certain period of Year.
  4. Accumulated profit in result will show how much your sum borrowed grows throughout the term period.

Finally, this calculator will construct the repayment schedule.

For ASB Saving calculations, use Investment Calculator.

List of agents for ASB Financing product: