Current amount available to be/will stay invested

Periodic contribution to the same investment channel

Annual period rate

See how much your investment grow by this amount of years

How frequent is the returns per year?

Disclaimer: Please use this calculator as a guide only. All interest or profit rates, amounts, and terms are for reference only and not necessarily applicable to your personal credit profile. does not guarantee its accuracy or applicability to your circumstances.

How it works:

  1. Lump Sum is the amount that you have available or already invested in an investment channel.
  2. Monthly Contribution is the recurring amount you are contributing for the channel.
  3. Dividend is the rate of return you would assume for every year (in reality would fluctuate every year).
  4. Years is how many years to observe the investment (limits to 100 years).
  5. In the results, Contribution is the yearly contribution.
  6. Capital is the accumulated contribution for the period.
  7. Principal is the current value subject to compounding.
  8. Return (Y) is the yearly amount of return made from compounding.
  9. Return (T) is the total amount of return made from compounding.
  10. Current Value is the current value of your investment after compounding as of corresponding period.
  11. ROI [A] is the annualized return on investment as of corresponding period.

Formula used:

Future Value of a sum and annuity due